Our Crew

ASM Maritime is proud of its most valuable asset – the officers and crew members on board.

We at ASM view the quality of our seafarers as a key factor of our ship management services and understand the importance of employing highly skilled crew.

We make use of an optimized recruiting process as part of our human resource development, as well as take assurance and cost-effective approaches.

ASM Maritime fully complies with MLC requirements and is obligated to actively protect abandoned seafarers, as well as improve living conditions for its crew members.

Reporting MLC Non-Compliance to Crew Manager send email to crewmanger@asm-maritime.com

Reporting MLC Non-Compliance to DPA send email to MLC-QA@asm-maritime.com

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Manning Agents

We are looking for qualified people with a passion for life at sea to operatively manage the vessels under our Ship Management. If you wish to join us, you can search your nearest Manning Agent at the list below.

Bottom-up promotion

From crew to management. 

Staff incentives

Growth and added-value courses.

Keeping employees happy

Crew welfare program, personal savings fund, extended interest-free loans, on-board wellness and communications.

In-house manning procedure

Tailored recruiting process incorperating psycometric and personality tests.

Worldwide manning offices

Ensure footholds in major ports and efficient communication between management, crew and clients.

We are here to serve

Fufill owners and charterers missions and challenges. 

Retention Rates 2023


Senior Officers


Junior Officers



For Our Crew

  • Gym equipment
  • Entertainment on board (Netflix)
  • Internet on all vessels
  • Shore-based seminars
  • Ongoing training and support by Michelin Star Chef


  • Bonus for vetting inspections
  • Pension funds
  • Rejoining bonus
  • Great promotion opportunities
  • Medical insurance for officers and their families


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