Safety Starts Here

  • ASM safety committee.
  • Company-wide and vessel-particular safety campaigns.
  • Monthly themes.
  • Incentive programs.
  • Safety leagues.
  • Behavioral safety campaign.
  • Random vessel visits and inspections; creative verification of adherence to safety standards.
  • Crew safety feedback.
  • Dry vessel standards follow chemical vessel standards, industry practice and OM guidelines.

Leave your ship management to the most qualified hands

  • Comprehensive end-to-end in-house solutions.

  • Zero incident policy for safety and environmental issues.

  • Professional staff vetted and vouched.

  • Bottom-up promotion, in company growth.

  • Real-time and on-field reporting and monitoring.

  • Committed to efficiency and excellence.

Quality compliance always in check

  • Superintendence performance evaluation.
  • Customized internal auditing system.
  • DOC chemical and oil tankers, car carriers, bulk carriers, containers.
  • Strong annually adjusted KPI.
  • Best practice sharing, industry benchmark observation.
  • Member of ITOSF forum.
  • TMSA – 3.

Safety Magazines

Magazine Issue No. 1

Magazine Issue No. 2

Maximized Profits

We initiated the on-the-go vessel modifications per specific international, commercial and client’s needs.

  • Stern-anchor modification.

  • Cargo tank recoating, cargo holds upgrading.

  • Reefer socket adjustments.

Behind our desks

2022 data

14.6 inspection days per vessel

130 inspections

335 “out of office” days

Regular vessel visits by senior management

Daily and weekly monitoring meetings

Annual vessel visits

Annual external auditing

Frequent visits to offices abroad

Detailed inspection reports with pictures

Maximized performance and cost reduction

  • Improved vessel performance.

  • Operational manning.

  • Cargo holds / tank upgrades.

  • Unique maintenance program.

  • Eliminate overstocking.

Fuel efficiency

Maximize and minimize main engine performance (FULL / ECO / Adjusted speed) for optimal speed & consumption, saving up to 50%. 


Lubes cylinder oil

Reduces daily excessive consumption (varies between 30% – 70%).


Dry docks optimisation

Optimized dry docks optimisations resulting in significant savings in cost and time.

Tailor made technologies

Collaborations with high-end startups, based on the ASM experience and needs:

Communication technologies

Online monitoring

Tailor-made software

Smart system data

Vessel tracking service

Weather monitoring, optimal voyage routing.

On-board communication systems

Free Wi-Fi for uninterrupted contact with families, shore and vessel-to-office communication.